Shields Road Inspired Cushion

Shields Road Inspired Cushion

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After a difficult day you deserve to recuperate in luxurious surroundings accompanied by opulent accessories. When you want to relax in the comfort of your own home, in a supine and cushioned manner what could you do?

Buy this cushion, that’s what!

This particular design is named ‘Satan I Did All You Asked’. We don't want to know what was asked by the Lord of the Netherworld, that’s not our business to know. This again demonstrates the freedom associated with Shields Road. One visitor has indelibly demonstrated they were confident enough to publicly declare they acted out Satan’s will, knowing thier secret would remain perpetually nondisclosed, due to the nonintrusive nature of the Shields Road’s culture.

This exquisite limited-edition product will allow you to reminisce about Shields Road, even when you are not within it’s vicinity. As you sit at home, pining for your second home, the street which fond memories have been, and which will be realised on, you will be cocooned by a constant reminder with this glorious soft furnishing addition. 

Glossy, quality and affordable, without comfort being compromised. Product is 40cm x 40cm.

Limited edition of 50.